Event Speakers

Founder and Technical Director. Tolag Pty Ltd

Chris McKenzie

Speaker 2PC round table.

Chris McKenzie, founder and technical director of Tolag Pty Ltd, specializes in providing consulting solutions tailored to the metal packaging industry. Previously, McKenzie held the position of marketing and operations director at SLAC International, gaining valuable experience in global operations and strategy.

Founder at MS Can Solutions

Mark Smyth

Speaker 2PC round table.

Mark Smyth is the founder of MS Can Solutions, an independent consultancy in France established in 2019. Previously, he was the Director of Business Development and Marketing Intelligence at Ardagh Group. With over 40 years of experience, he has worked at American Can, NaCanco, American National Can, Pechiney, and Impress.


Speaker 2PC round table.


Speaker 2PC round table.

General Manager. Bemasa

Ernesto Garcia

Speaker 3PC round table.

A recognized business leader with a distinguished track record in the metal packaging industry. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Ernesto has demonstrated exceptional skills in management and business development, solidifying his reputation as an innovative and effective strategist.


Speaker 3PC round table.

R & D

Speaker 3PC round table.


Speaker 3PC round table.


Domingo Gonzalez

2PC trainer;

Domingo Gonzalez is the President and Founder of BetterCans, LLC, specializing in consulting for the metal packaging industry, particularly two-piece aluminum cans and ends for RTD beverages. With extensive experience in companies like Nestlé and Alcoa Inc., Domingo brings expertise in process improvement and technical support to his consulting work.



2PC Trainer;

Bicer Smetana is an engineer specialized in the manufacturing of two-piece cans, with expertise in high-speed printing and coating. His specialty includes machine maintenance to ensure optimal performance. He offers services globally, regularly installing and maintaining machines.

Mundolatas Advisor

Jose Francisco

3PC Trainer;

Expert in metal packaging with more than 40 years of experience in quality control and management in the food industry. Noted for his role at Mivisa, where he gained experience in the manufacture of metal packaging. He has advised leading companies and has been an active member of the SEFEL technical standardization committee.


Formador 3PC

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